The CEOs from the Boys and Girls Club of Canada visit and review their programs or programs which are implemented in their sites across Canada. They did a review of the Youth Build Program during the first part of 2017. In September of 2017, the CEOs came to the Boys and Girls Club in Thompson and did a presentation of the review to the staff of the Boys and Girls Club including Phil. The review includes interviews with the Boys and Girls Club of Thompson staff, funders of the program, parents, and community members in Thompson. The review concluded that the Youth Build program was a “Best Practice Program.” It meets all the criteria of the review and more. The CEOs mentioned that they rarely designate a program as a best practice program. It has to go well beyond what is expected by the Boys and Girls Club. They recommended that all Boys and Girls Clubs across Canada implement it. The Thompson site is the only site that has this kind of program and adults taking it would benefit.